KD Beats (Kamel McCray, DeLonn Caffie, Staccii Rimbrant, Marccii Anderz), is dedicated to providing top quality Music Production, Voice-Overs, and Sound Design as well as Original Custom and Pre-Mixes for the Cheer Industry (cheer, hip hop and other routines, 100% licensed songs) at an affordable rate.

From classical music as a percussionist in the halls of The School for Creative & Performing Arts, to writing tracks for Cash Money Records and Stevie Brock (Hitnation Music), Kamel has years of music experience to bring to your projects. With a level of professionalism that’s second to none, you can count on his unique “sound” to make your project stand out from the crowd!

It only makes sense that DeLonn and Kamel were fellow percussionists at the same creative factory! DeLonn has extensive music experience, with a sound that’s all his own. He’s been banging pots and pans together since he was 10 years old, and with a recent placement in a music catalog in the UK, DeLonn is a producer that’s on the move. If your project needs the heavy hitting percussion and melodic sounds of today, count on DeLonn to make heads nod!

Staccii Rimbrant and Marccii Anderz (Las Vegas-based SSR Productions) has had placements in music libraries such as Domino Musik and Studio 51, as well as worked in conjunction with the YouTube Channel “CaptBeauregards” which promotes the Gallery 513 School of Art & Portraiture, Confederate Pictures Re-enactment and Films and Freedom Films (The National Park Service Imprint).

Staccii has recorded at Sound Suite Studios in Detroit, been involved with Fox Networks anti-drug commercial campaign, and for three years has hosted the Sugar Plumb Gala held at the Dayton Convention center.